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Due to spring mfg. shortages (Heavy) Spring packs are out of stock.

2.50" PRO FLOW. We have been testing these with racers for a while, and they are amazing!!! All new design steel bodies, 1.25" shafts, wear band pistons, large bore reservoirs and custom modified flow valves. This shock was 100% dyno designed, Every set is dyno tested. Made in USA

BIG... 3/4" Chrome Moly Heims

BIG... 1.25" Chrome Shafts

BIG... 16" to 20" Travel


  • Great for replacing Nitrogen shocks that don't perform well on heavy trucks.
  • Shock travel ranges from 16” to 20". 
  • All 2.50" shocks come with threaded steel big bore bodies.
  • Threaded preload adjuster.
  • Unlimited valving shim options.
  • Custom piston design for Hill-n-Hole style racing. 
  • Huge 2.75"x 12" clear hard anodized, Race design thread together reservoirs. (no snap rings)
  • High strength 1.25" hard chrome steel shafts.
  • 3/4" chrome-moly heims. 
  • Made in USA


Recommended nitrogen pressure

150 psi Emulsion shocks at full extension.

150 psi Bonzi Reservoir shocks at full extension.

150-200 psi PRO Series Reservoir shocks at full extension.


We stock most spring packs. Some springs are drop shipped from the factory and take up to 7-14 business days for the manufacturer to process and ship.


Common Spring Packages 


900 lbs Mini Truck

1100 lbs Mini Truck w/ V8

1300 lbs Full Size Truck

1500 lbs Full Size 4 Door Truck

1700 lbs Full Size 4 Door Diesel

2000 lbs Super Duty 4 Door Diesel


500 lbs Mini Truck

700 lbs Mini Truck w/ V8

900 lbs Full Size Truck

1100 lbs Full Size 4 Door Truck

1300 lbs Full Size 4 Door Diesel

1500 lbs Super Duty 4 Door Diesel

Big Shocks 2.50" PRO Series - 20" Travel (4) Shock & Spring Packages

SKU: 2.50P20-4
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