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Big Shocks D.I.Y. 1.25" Sway Bar kit. Custom 1/4" thick A-36 Temper Plate 12" long laser cut arms with 3/8" thick I-Beam design, Billet 6061 Aluminum 2 pc. mounting blocks with grease fittings, Cut to length 45" spring steel tempered 1.25" dia. bar,  5/8" Chrome-moly Heim kits for 1" ID tubing. All misalignment bushings and laser cut tabs for lower heims. WELDING REQUIRED Tubing for links not included.

This is our own design material, Has a soft core with a hard shell, that gives it memory.

Optional Link Tubing. 24" long. 1.25"x.120 wall  ERW Tubing.

Optional 5/8 Link Bolt Kit

1.25" Mini truck (front and rear)

1.50" Full size truck (front and rear) or single bar on mini truck

1.75" Full size heavy truck (front and rear) or single bar on some full size trucks

Recommend 2 bars for best handling and safety.

Big Shocks 12"Arm, 1.50" Sway Bar Kit

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